Trying to make UI for Glitch effect


We have a system called open source and git. =)
Except we would like all new filters to support presets and keyframes. Also consider a VUI (user interface atop the video). A VUI is not limited to a rectangle control; just don’t use it for traditional parameter controls.


I will try modifying the Glitch and RGBsplit filter qml front-ends to make them keyframe-enabled.



While looking into updating other video filters to install keyframe mods I found a major fault with the RGBnoise keyframe mod. I have corrected it and checked it out for correctness. The new version is in the ZIP container below.

RGB (2.4 KB)


Yeah, the parameters aren’t very clear as to what they do but I like the effect that is produced with this filter. It gives an almost dream-like effect. The thing is though I think that it needs a much better name than “Baltan”. Like what’s a “Baltan” anyway? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


While looking again at the actual frei0r code last night I found that @Paul2 was correct - there is no parameter to the Baltan effect. I will modify the front-end to remove the two “parameters”.

As to the name, it is the name of the actual filter produced by the coders who contributed to the frei0r filters and is documented as such on the MLT website at:

and the Kdenlive website at:

I know it is not intuitive and should have been called something like “Ghosting”, or “Ghost trails”, but for the MLT front-end I decided to keep to the name of the actual frei0r filter code.

“Baltan” is the name of the laboratory which held a Piksel meeting concerning frei0r. A Piksel conference in the early 2000s is where the concept of frei0r was discussed and brought into effect.


Interesting and fascinating information, @Elusien, thank you.


Key framed the glitch effect UI using the guidance provided here:

I set all the parameters to the defaults in the MLT documentation. (2.5 KB)

It was an interesting experience.


Thanks. This filter is added for the next release with only minor tweaks to things like labels and defaults. The web site has a User Interface Conventions page that is a little old and needs updates and additions. I choose my own labels and defaults that may deviate from the filter’s author. I do not like “Effect” in the name of any filters as that is implied, and I do not like to repeat the name of the filter in a parameter. For correction-style filters, I tend to make defaults neutral but for gimicky and non-obvious filters, I use defaults that show something immediately (I just updated RGB Shift for this). Sometimes the silly effects need good defaults to see and work from something useful. In either case, the start and end simply keyframes should be neutral so you can easily fade in and out the effect.


This will make @Paul2 happy. He created the UI originally.

I’m still key framing some of the UIs for a few more filters. Will follow the user interface conventions in case you decide to add them to Shotcut sometime in the future.:+1:


I am already working on Distort. So, you should skip that.


Thanks. That’s one I’ve already done.
I’ll do Emboss and Dither.


I notice that with the Distort filter, Amplitude only has movement that goes from upper left to lower right. Is there anyway to allow the user to pick if he wants the movement to go from upper right to lower left?


It is actually vertical waves, and if the amplitude is very large you only see part of one wave, which makes it look that way. If you increase the frequency, you can see the waves, but there is no control over the direction.


Key framed front ends for the emboss and dither filters. Used defaults for all the parameters per the MLT documentation. Used the user interface conventions. (2.3 KB) (2.2 KB)


It does, thank you. :+1:
However must add that I just posted it in quite a rough form due to time constraints and you took over from there and did the lion’s share of refining it and adding key frames.
Thanks for that.