Trouble with seamlessly looping a clip

I have edited a short 10 second video and I would like said video to seamlessly loop when played. Only issue is upon exporting and playing the video, There is a single still frame at the end that ruins the illusion of a seamless loop. Everything else about the video is fine.

How would one go about removing the still frame at the end of the clip?

I’m exporting as a mp4.

See my answer in this thread for a method to create seamless loops.

In the video I shared, he explains how to do it in Photoshop, but the same method can be used in Shotcut. And instead of saving as a GIF, save as a mp4, import it again in Shotcut and put as many copies as you need back to back in the timeline to make the loop last as long as you want.

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I wonder🤔 if anyone would be size concious because of their low disk space. What about the time when someone just needs an endless loop?

Lot of complications in the video editing world:no_mouth: .

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