How to SEAMLESSLY loop a 10 second audio/video clip

How can I SEAMLESSLY loop a 10 second audio/video clip – to make it a few hours long – of a static shot on a tripod - of say, a river flowing or rain coming down (nothing else in the video moves)… so that there is no jump in the video every 10 seconds and no jump or “glitch” in the audio every 10 seconds.

I remembered a tutorial I saw a few years ago on the PHLEARN YouTube channel about something like this.
It was intended to create seamless looping GIFs animations in Photoshop.

But I applied in Shotcut what Aaron Nace explains for Photoshop and it works.

Here’s my result :

This is about 5 seconds of video that will loop seamlessly until the end of Internet.

I exported as a GIF in this case, but instead you can export as a mp4 clip, for example, then use that clip back on a timeline and copy/paste it as many times as you need to get a “few hours long” video.

My preview above is small because of the forum’s file size limit. But here’s a biger version I uploaded on Imgur


That is really cool! Seems like it should be fairly easy once you know how it works.

Like Aaron Nace says in the video, it kinda looks complex at first, but when you’ve done it once, following his steps to the letter, it turns out to be very easy to do.

Thanks for this MusicalBox. Your loop looks good. And it’s a fun way to do it. It’s actually quite simple to do and the small files are awesome.

I have an even simpler/faster way that works in other softwares, but not in shotcut just yet.

I’d like to see that method you talk about. Cause doing this takes like 2 minutes in Shotcut.

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