Trim video

I try research but I don’t have a luck. I have a questions - how to trim video? I have a file and I want to cut time?
Regards, Jacek

I don’t understand. There are plenty of YouTube videos about this. I typed in “Shotcut trim video” and found these:

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ok, my mistakes, sorry

You can simply press S on your keyboard to cut the end point of your video and then again press S where you want to start the video and then delete all the unnecessary clips🖇️.

See how easy it is.

If ALL you want to do to a video is to trim it, I would suggest that Shotcut is overkill. For my needs, trimming is THE use case scenario for Avidemux … and if you trim on an I-frame, with Copy set as the codec option, the Avidemux export is lightning fast.

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