Transparency feature in old version of shotcut not working anymore

Hello. In the past I used a version of shotcut from around 2018/19 (not exactly sure what version it is anymore, but I know the feature does work in 20.09.13) and I upgraded to 21.05.18 recently. I’ve had shotcut for a long time on my computer but seldom used it, so I’m not familiar with absolutely everything.

I do animations and drawings in Krita, gimp and medibang, export as transparent PNG sequences, then import them into shotcut to export again as transparent MOVs. I also take transparent artwork and apply move/spin effects and export as transparent MOVs. In the older version of shotcut, it exported fine. In the newer version, there is no transparency and the colours of the video are messed up, like there is a blue overlay over the entire video. I have double checked that I am exporting using the alpha preset, and have tried every single alpha preset format. None of them worked.
Sorry, I’m a new user and can’t add multiple images so I threw them together in MS paint.

the problem persists even when I open the newly created clip in shotcut again, so it’s not just my video player.

However, if I use the older version of shotcut 20.09.13, a portable exe, transparency works just fine.

In the newer version, I have tried with only one track, and it made no difference. I also tried with 2 tracks, one being a greenscreen that I used the chroma key filter to remove. the result is the same when exported. So far I’ve just been using the older version of shotcut to assemble my transparent MOVs and the newer version of shotcut for everything else. While this works for now, it sucks I can’t use the newer filters etc, and export with transparency. Is there anything I can do about this, such as reinstalling?

Hi @shiolily
Maybe this tutorial will help you:

There are some problems with version 21.05.18. I don’t know if this is one of them, but I am sticking with version 21.03.21 until they are ironed out.

I have just opened a transparent PNG and exported it using the “Quicktime Animation” preset and the MOV file is perfect. The resulting MOV video is perfectly transparent where it is meant to be. So I would suggest trying that version.

EDIT - If you open a PNG and export it without any filters like I did is the transparency still screwed up?

Which export preset are you using? Do you make any customizations?

I tried this on W10 in the morning (version 21.03.21) but it didn’t work.
The Quicktime Animation export was just as the author of the thread says. I thought it was my mistake. I tried other presets with alpha channel and none of them could open as transparent in Shotcut after export.
This afternoon I tried it on Linux, (same version 21.03.21) and it worked fine.
I took one of the transparent PNGs from @musicalbox, added movement with the SPR filter. I exported it with Quicktime Animation preset (with alpha channel).
I imported that video into a new project and added a color gradient background. The transparency worked.
It also worked on version 21.06.15 (Linux).

In W10 I had some problems and maybe some of the configurations needs to be cleaned up due to my testing of various queries.
Sometimes when I changed the export preset selection from Quicktime Animation to another and back again the export format was mp4 not mov. It happened to me a couple of times so maybe I should reinstall from scratch to be sure.

This is mentioned as fixed in the release notes of the 21.06 release candidate version.


Hi, I actually tried that tutorial before and it didn’t work.

@Elusian Yeah pretty much, even if I didn’t do anything to the png, the transparency is screwed up.

@Austin I used the quicktime preset at first, then tried every single transparency preset. I didn’t customise anything.

@shotcut ok, that’s awesome! ty :smiley:

Sorry for not responding quicker, a bunch of life stuff happened

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