Transitions are cancelling / not picking image filters

Hello folks!

I’m new on Shotcut and have already learned the basics tutorials.

I’m having some difficulties when using transitions between images with filters applied to them. I applied the Cut filter so that the images fill the entire screen. However, the overlap parts (where the transition is applied) do not pick any filters applied to the images, thus, as a result, when the transition occurs it shows the images with their original size and the screen shows blank (black) spaces.

How can I solve this?

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You need to apply the filter before you overlap the clips.


Hi @sauron ! Thanks for replying. :slight_smile:

In fact, I applied all the filters on the images before overlapping them, but the overlapped parts are shown without the filters.

I ended up using another transition technique which uses 2 tracks alternating the images between them, and this solved my issue, although a bit more laborious.

Will give another try to the first technique though.

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The 2 track method gives you more options for the transitions. You can use the faders, opacity filter, and mask from file.

I don’t know why the overlap didn’t work if you applied the filters first.:confused:

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I know there are quirks with transitions and filters, and this area needs more work soon.

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