Transition: Opacity set back to 100% and Shotcut BTD

OS: Win-7
Proc.: Intel i3-6100
RAM: 16 GB
Shotcut: 19.08.16 installed on a SSD Samsung 850

Every time I cut a video track at the end of a video the latest transition ot that video track is then corrupted! (Is meaning, I have an opacity of 30% and the opacity is set back to 100%)
And at least Shotcut “says” “Goodbye to desktop”! Several times, and then (suddenly and hurra) Shotcut works again like a charme and I can then fit the corrupted transition. But only that way, that I delete the transition (i.t.c. 2 sec.), fit the right part to the left for two sec., and fit the left part also 2 sec. to the right and making again a transition of two sec…

Can you describe this bug in a step by step fashion? It’s hard to follow what you wrote. For example, you talk about transitions but then mention the Opacity filters. So it’s not clear if you are making transitions with transition clips or the Opacity filter.

There are normal two video parts on one video track.
The second part is at the end of the video.
Both parts have an opacity (i.m.c. 30%) and then I blend them by making a normal transition.
And the transition has for both parts the opacity of 30%…

If then the second part is longer as e.g. the audio track, I cut it fit to the end of the audio track.
And then the opacity of the second part in the transition is set back to 100%…

Short: Two parts, opacity 30%, making transition for both, cut of the second part to fit to the end of the video, the transition now has an opacity of 100% for the second part.

And Shotcut then tends to CTD, several times. Until, I do not know, then…, and Shotcut is working again like a charme.
BTW: I also noticed this behavior with Shotcut v.19.04.xx.

I was not able to reproduce the problem with the opacity resetting to 100% or the crash. If you experience frequent crash while using the timeline (and not doing a lot of undo and redo), you should experiment with Display Method in Settings.

P.S. Please do not write “CTD” or “BTD” when “crash” is way more clear and only 2 more letters.

I’ve only extended the last video part over the end, deleted the FadeOut, and cut it fit to the end (again). And at once the opacity is set back from 30% to 100%.

And here from small fast project:

BTW: I’ve a lot more trouble with Shotcut. :frowning:

Dragging the picture into the source list, and dragging the source into the time line, crash.
Or, properties will not be recognized!
I set e.g. Size/Pos and set parameters, but no effect, not even in the properties list, after setting the time code backward to run and see. And it was set, while setting.
Strange things. :frowning:

From your screenshots, it appears you have multiple browser tabs open.
I’m suspecting you’re out of Ram.
Try closing out of all browsers before attempting to edit with Shotcut.
Also try closing all other non-essential programs.

I’ve got 32gb. Firefox, I’ve got 13 tabs open playing a YouTube video.
I’m using 6.6gb of memory used with just Firefox.
Several other apps opened up as well (41% of 32gb is ~13gb ram used)

Providing more information, like Video Mode, Media specifications, detailed steps.
I have no idea what your acronyms mean.

No, sorry, it’s not a RAM issue…

I’ve the more issues as larger the project gets!
To the end of my latest video, I had several crashes and weird behaviors.

Have a look:

And in one case I was not allowed to select a specific part anymore, crash immediately! I first had to select another part, and then I immediately deleted the corrupted part.
Often the transitions get corrupted if I e.g. size a following part (part of the transition).

Really, it seems the bigger and more demanding it gets, the more unstable it gets.
Also the cracking from sound (You know? krr krrr kr)… Hard to explain.
No cracking, I change an existing transition e.g., cracking.

Best regards

See here:

Yes I know, but, and didn’t explained all, it’s not only this crackling…
Mostly, if not always, the crackling goes side to side with stutter!
And that makes it sometimes impossible to arrange the video exactly on a frame to audio! I have this often…
I made my best, with crackling and stutter, but in the exported video is a disharmony of e.g. two frames.
And that is not always to compensate by the audio wave visualization…

As I worked for the first version of “The String” I had no crackle, no stutter with sound! Then, with version 2, after maybe 2 minutes, it starts with crackle and stutter. And, not always, is meaning, there are still parts, where is no crackle or stutter. Strange?! I mean, yes.

Really, it seems the bigger a project gets, the more unstable it gets.
And not to forget, the nearer it comes to finish, the more I had crashes!
Not to mention from the transitions, from parts with Size/Pos a/o Opacity, which is always corrupted, if the second part is changed (cut / size doesn’t matter).

And the real issue with that is, that you are with mind and feeling in making a video, and that throws you out of that deep, which needs to be found again.

I can make a suggestion:
I can sample all sources, send it to you, including of course the Shotcut project. But you have to adapt it to the paths…

Best regards

This is the best route to take. If you can upload your media for your project to some file storage site along with the mlt project file so that it all can be downloaded it would be the best way to see what it is you’re talking about.

Shotcut: v19.08
OS: Windows-7

But first have a look at this from a fresh new project, because that is the major problem:

Because that can, how to say, “k**l” the whole project…
In other words, had just begun starting with a new video, and with that behavior
I will immediately lose the desire…
What if it later needs to adjust a part like this, with maybe following transitions too?!

------------------------ EDIT 1 : --------------------------------
I’ve just made that “same” project under Linux Mint 18.1, also with Shotcut 19.08, and the same result with transition.

------------------------ EDIT 2 : --------------------------------
I’ve found a workaround! But it is only a workaround…
But first:
I tried by moving the clip into another track and then cut. But that didn’t worked, the transition had again the “oversized” image.

What works (as workaround):
Selecting the transition, STRG+x, now cutting the clip as desired and then STRG+v, inserting again the transition.
This works, the transition keeps the size of the image…

I was able to reproduce this in v19.08, but it should be fixed in v19.09 on a related bug report. I do not reproduce it in v19.09 using my own steps based on your last set of screenshots. Let me know if you still experience it.

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