Transition on part of the screen only: can it be done?

First post here, so be gentle, please

Made an animated frame with four lines and key frames, which I want to use to frame an opening title png. The frame works a charm.

box.mlt (13.8 KB)

I put the transparent png in a track above the frame, resized it so it’s in the frame. Still works a charm. But I want to swipe the png from top to bottom and I used the solution found here to achieve this:

The problem is that as soon as the transition starts the transparency becomes 0% and the frame is covered by the uppermost track. As soon as the transition is finished the frame returns.

Is there a way in which the transition can be done on only part of the screen, e.g. inside the frame?

In case there is no way, what other method could I use? I looked at all the filters, but I can’t find one that does what I want.

Thanks for the tips and hints. --Hans

P.S. as a new user I can only put in one image, so I hope it is a bit clear

Have your images on the bottom-most track.

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