Present overlay left to right

I have a .png overlay that I would like to bring in from left to right, rather than just a simple fade. I feel like this should be a pretty simple task, but I’m not seeing how to accomplish it. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks so much.

Add Size and Position video filter and choose Preset > Slide In From Left.

Thanks Dan. In re-reading my post, I think it was kind of confusing though. I’d like the overlay to stay stationary, but reveal left to right (like a transition).

You mean like a wipe?

Yes, that’s probably the more descriptive word for it.

Like this?

That’d be it. Ideally I’d be able to get a sharper edge to it, but that’s the one I’m looking for.

Put your png on the timeline. Then open up a transparent color clip and place it to the left of the png on the timeline. Now create a transition clip and make it as long or as short as you want in order to control the speed of the wipe.

Then click on the transition clip and go to its Properties tab. There select Bar Horizontal as the Video for transition. Below that you decide how much softness you want. For my demo it was at 81%. Since you want a sharper edge for the wipe just bring the softness down to how you want it.

I did this a month ago to show the improvement in the treatment of one of my old analog photographs with several free filters in GIMP.
Since I wanted the transition edge to be sharp, I reduced the smoothness completely.

It’s a home picture. The background is a black cardboard painted with small dots of white paint. Some watercolour for the nebula and a photo of a planet cut out of a used magazine.

I liked to assemble and paint science-fiction models. But the lack of space at home cooled my hobby down a long time ago.
By the way, this spaceship is hanging by a thread.
The trick, the picture is upside down, the thread is down. Everyone looks at the top and there was never anything there.


Thanks; I hadn’t thought about inserting a blank, dummy clip and using the transition properties. That works great.

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