Track Rearrangement

This task seems like it’s been on the roadmap for years with little-to-no updates. I’m not familiar enough with the Shotcut project’s codebase to add it myself (and also I don’t trust my C++ ability), but surely this would just be a matter of swapping two references in a list or something? Obviously since Shotcut is a FOSS project it’s unrealistic to expect every feature to be added immediately (and things like keyframes were far more important to work on IMO), but I wouldn’t imagine that this task would take more than a few hours of work if the codebase works in the way I’d expect it to.

Hopefully this gets added soon because I’ve had a ton of frustrations with projects where I wanted to add more background without having to redo all the track filters, especially since there’s currently a bug with filter presets that I’m going to post about in a moment which makes presets with over 50 keyframe positions not save properly.

If you think that this sort of task is simple enough for a 2nd-year comp-sci student with only a small amount of C++ experience, I’ll happily be able to donate my time after this exam period, since I really like Shotcut regardless of all the lag from my bad laptop and the missing features :slight_smile:

This is possible by selecting and moving multiple clips:

Any and all help is appreciated.

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