Rearrage tracks / move tracks up/down

I expected to be able to rearrange the track order with a drag and drop action on the tracks, but that is not doing it. Is there a way to change the order of the tracks?


Hey, Its already on the roadmap as No. 13.
Hopefully this helpful feature will be added soon :slight_smile:


Ah, I see. I thought I am missing something obvious. Thanks.

This really should be #1. None of the other things on the list are anywhere near as fundamental to video editing as this is.

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Except key frames which I assume is why it’s at #1 position :wink:

Found a work around.

Backup your .MLT file first.

Edit the .MLT file in a simple text editor like notepad. Search for playlist id="playlist

Playlist 0 appears at the bottom of your edit window, Playlist 1 appears above it and so on.

A couple of lines under playlist 0 you’ll find <property name="shotcut:name">V3</property> V3 being your track’s name.

Rename the playlist ID of the track you want to move to the bottom to playlist0, and rename your other tracks as well to compensate.

For example, my XML looked similar to:
<playlist id="playlist0"> <playlist id="playlist1"> <playlist id="playlist2">

And now rearranged looks like:
<playlist id="playlist1"> <playlist id="playlist2"> <playlist id="playlist0">

There is of course a large amount of data between each tag which I did not touch.

Back up you file before attempting
Back up you file before attempting
Back up you file before attempting
Back up you file before attempting


See that’s why this feature being missing is so ridiculous. All that’s needed is to put a little GUI on top of that procedure. It’s obvious and simple and should be the first thing added next month and that’s been the case every month for years. Even if it needs to have it’s own separate window to re-arrange tracks and require re-starting the program after using that window, that would be better than not having a way to re-arrange tracks without a text editor.

A patch would be welcome.

I’ve been using Shotcut for years and have never had a need to rearrange tracks. Thus I do not care to spend my time on it.

You must be using it for something other than complex video editing, like maybe doing the same thing every time. I can’t recommend Shotcut to anyone without this obvious basic feature.

I might look into cloning the repository and seeing if I can get it to build when I get a chance.

That’s fine. I’m just explaining why it isn’t done. Keyframes is more important than rearranging tracks to the people who are willing to write the code. Anyone is welcome to contribute. But few volunteer.

I’ve used many NLE’s over the years and never had the need to re-arrange tracks.
Jst saying, it’s not a thing for everyone.

I can’t believe such a basic feature is missing – it’s core. Even Filmora lets you do that and they’re horrible.

It shouldn’t even be called a feature since it’s been standard for the past decade ;p that’s like getting a new phone and saying “sorry, the ‘feature’ to use data and wifi is unavailable on this phone. But we’re working on selfie features coming 1st!”

Wrong author on quote; it was actually BenMclean that wrote it.

The software you mention is pay software, with a trial version. And it’s not compatible with Linux.

Anything missing is a feature. Attitudes like this make me think about stop working on Shotcut or providing free support in the forum. I could just stop working on it, close the forum, and leave the site up to collect ad revenue. Is that what you want?

It is not as easy as slapping some GUI over the external XML text operation! This change needs to be done to the in-memory objects while the application is running and the project loaded. Also, it needs code for corresponding undo and redo operations. Everyone thinks their favorite missing feature is the most basic, important feature that is easy to add. However, only @Brian is willing to help out with any code. If you think it is so important and easy, then try to add it yourself. After all, this is open source. There are even SDKs and setup instructions offered on the site to make it easier to get started: Shotcut - Site Map


Please noooooooooooooo! I’m sure that putting up with the Fearless Keyboard Warrior crowd for years is enough to make anyone exasperated. But please know that others of us really, really, really appreciate everything you’ve built so far and have a fair idea of its complexity. Shotcut is in its prime now. It would be an international loss to see it go. Can I, like, send a bouquet of flowers to your doorstep to keep you cheerful? :smile:


Why let what some random person who just joined the forum 12 hours ago get to you? Who cares? You need to learn to take these things in stride, Dan. I admit when I first joined the forum here I was a bit put off when you closed one of my threads and wrote a stern comment to me as if I was being malicious when I wasn’t. I only decided to participate again when I learned more about the Shotcut situation how it’s basically just you and Brian so I became much more understanding in that it can be a little stressful so you might lose your cool easily when you don’t have much help. However there’s a lot of people here who greatly appreciate the program you have offered to us that’s completely free. It’s been so useful to me ever since I discovered it.

I’ll add that I think that since you took on the suggestion of adding a beta phase to the development process Shotcut will now have releases that are much better from now on. This last release I think is the most stable Shocut has been in a while and the inclusion of a beta phase was key to that. That’s a major step in the right direction just on that note. So at least look on that bright side.

And if I could offer a suggestion regarding the SDKs, you should consider relocating that section on the website to somewhere where it is much more visible. Maybe make it one of the main links on the main page? Right now it’s way too buried in the site. I don’t think many people end up seeing it or ever realize that such a thing is on there at all.

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Please don’t stop working on this. You’re doing a great job Dan and @brian. I believe in your project. I’ve seen a lot of great work done with Shotcut in here, and it’s awesome when people share their knowledge and skills with others. You keep a good reign on the crap posts and your comments are well placed. Can’t be a social worker and a programmer at the same time.

Free Open Source Software ≠ Negative comments.

Apologies, I meant to say standard for Windows. Perhaps the lack of it is standard in Linux. I tried another one that supports Linux and it didn’t have it either.

Rather, it’s standard for Windows. As a Windows user, I’d rather not reinvent the wheel and may as well use another software. However, seems like you’re doing a great thing for Linux users.


This feature would be greatly appreciated. I already have three video tracks in my project and need to add a separate track. That will always be added to the top. That’s a very inconvenient position, I could work a lot better if it were added at the bottom.

It’s strange how such a simple feature that I would probably implement in one or two hours* is still missing and pushed further for so many years of regular updates.

*) If I were familiar with the code and programming language, that is.