Track import is barred

Hi all, Shotcut is an incredible program. Normally when i add a new video file to the multitrack, it says “OVERWRITE” and i just only have to drag a file from the playlist to the multitrack.

Often, half way through a project, it refuses to copy any more files to the multitrack, i get a red no smokign sign, no access, and i can’t copy any kinds of files to the multitrack. please help.

Tags: Strikethrough, barred, locked, can’t copy, access denied

I am not having any issues with adding multiple clips to the timeline. Tried it with multiple tracks, on Windows 10 and OSX, and the latest version of Shotcut. Can you be more specific about this? Namely your OS, Shotcut version, and when this happens other than “halfway through a project” ?

Hiya, It’s happening on Win 7 all updates on a desktop AMD pc and on an I7 thinkpad laptop. I copy 2-3 clips to the multitrack, take out the beginning, middle and end, drag them around a bit, and then further files are jammed and i have this, see the no access sign:

Isn’t your project size too short or limited?

Addind with the + should prolong it maybe.

good advice! I found the plus button and added 20 minutes to the project, and made some space, it makes a new free space, but i still can’t add any files, same sign appears.

But noooo…
So I guess I’m the one that is limited. :wink:

Could it be because the file seems to be a FLV?

@martin106015 has created another post on this bug that has more details. This will hopefully be fixed in an upcoming version. :sweat: Sorry for any inconvenience.