Cant drag and drop clip from playlist to timeline

Today I upgraded Shotcut on computers in class to 16.10 (Win7 64). After a while we recognized strange behavior. After some work with more tracks on timeline its not possible to add anything from playlist to timeline using drag and drop (red circle is shown above cursor). Fortunately paste button works still well. Now I repeated it on my Windows 7 64 machine. It happens always after inserting second video track.

Thank you.

Seems that this has actually been reported already, thank you for being specific. I cannot test or confirm it because I don’t have any win7 machines. Sorry I cannot be of much help here, but I wonder if it has anything to do with the recent 32 bit windows update. EDIT: Because of some changes may have been added to the 64 bit version as well, or any other changes overall to windows.

Hopefully there will be a fix for this soon. :frowning:

Hi, is there a fix like using an older version of shotcut or a 32 bit version?

Hi Lauren,
Today I also reproduced the bug on windows 10 64bit.

  1. Put the clip to playlist
  2. Drag it to timeline
  3. Insert new video track
  4. Move Clip from second track to first using drag and drop
  5. Now You cant put anything from playlist to timeline - you get the red circle instead of cursor.
    Its repeatable on (win 7 and Win 10) 64

Hi, just to tell that following this instructions the same happens to me. Don’t know if this behaviour it’s a bug or a feature. I still can insert a new clip selecting it from the playlist and using the past button from the timeline but no drag & drop available from the playlist.

I’ve run into this as well on Win10 Pro x64. The only viable workaround is to save the project, close the program, then restart the program and load the saved project. I’m not sure what causes it but it’ll happen after i’m done cutting up my timeline and when I go to add my outtro music and end clip, it’ll give the the “NO” slashed circle symbol instead of my mouse.

Yikes, sorry I missed that… Yes now I can reproduce it. :frowning: I’ll make a report on github.

Hello there,

I am using openSUSE 42.1 64 bit and shotcut 16.10.08. And shotcut does not show information (icons, tracks) on the time line window. Where all the other windows work and function fine. In fact, the only information is the time line window is on the window header where it states ‘Timeline’ and the minimise and close functions. If I drag a video file over the time line window, a circle with a line through it appears next to the cursor.

If anyone can shed any light, I would be most jolly


@Ralphus The OpenGL on your computer is poor, and the Timeline requires/uses it. OpenGL is not simply a library or something. It is a display subsystem consisting of libraries, drivers, and hardware. Filters require this feature too for its UI. Maybe you can still make some use of Playlist.

Thank you for your reply.

I will sort out the OpenGL on this OS

By the way, I have 3 HDD on this PC. One with Windows 8.1 another with ArchLinux and the third with OpenSUSE. All three OS have Shotcut installed, it is a very nifty software. It is only OpenSUSE that has this timeline issue.

Thanks again


@Ralphus I saw through a google search alert that you were posting on openSUSE forums about using their Shotcut package. I should have noticed a problem when you wrote “16.10.08”, which is not a release version. We are not supporting Linux distribution packages here, only our binary downloads. It turns out your distro did not manage the dependencies well, and you did not have a Qt Quick module the timeline needs - perhaps not an OpenGL issue. You might have other problems too because the Shotcut code is designed for our “relocatable” binary build and not a system install. Some resources are located relative to the location of the main executable, and those locations may vary from one distro to another when installing things into /usr.

Hi, I’ve been having this issue too. Any idea when the fix will be in a new version? Thanks.

Are you using the newest version? It has been officially resolved on Github for version 16.11.02.

Yes, it says I’m using the latest version of shotcut. (Apologies for the delay)

Hi, just to inform that this still happens with the 17.01 Shotcut version when draging a clip from the playlist to the timeline. I had to close Shotcut and open it again to work. Like I said before, I still can insert a new clip selecting it from the playlist and using the paste button from the timeline.

As reported in the bug, this can still happen, but we do not yet know the additional triggers. The fix does still work for the major trigger that was identified in the bug and here. If you know the steps to reproduce it, then please supply them.

For now I can’t reproduce, it just happens. I will try to understand what triggers the bug and provide instructions to reproduce it if I can. Thank you.

Hi issue happens over and over. I am on 64 windows 10, and I have a clip i’m cutting shorter, then i drag into playlist. I then move from playlist into timeline and then I can’t anything to timeline again without saving and closing project. Happened 4 times in a row.

Definitely something very wrong, I even hit undo to everything I did, and I still get the red circle refusing to agree.

Same here. won’t let me drag to transition either. Using windows 10 64 bit. shotcut 17. I7 with 16gig ram and dedicated graphics card.