Track - blend mode


When I create a new track … I can choose blend mode … but I can not change my mind after it

thanks in advance

You can change the blend mode of a track at any time by clicking on the drop-down list (where it says “Over” in your screenshot.

Im totally new to blend mode … I can say just discovery and search for more info
I had 4 tracks … first 3 I can do … on 4th it is not possible … is this expected ?

Do you have any video, document to explain blend mode ??

I just added 5 videos and had no problem adding and changing the blend modes on the 5th video.

Not related to your issue but I have noticed that the Blend dropdownlist in Windows requires two mouse clicks in order to select another blend mode type, not sure this is by design.

You cannot set a blend mpde to V1 if that is what you are trying to do, since tracks blend to what is on V1 and V1 cannot therefore blend with itself.

See here for more information on blend modes:

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