TimeStretch Improvement

My suggestion for an already excellent video editor!

The ability to time stretch on the timeline rather than changing playback speed +/-

Similiar to this…


The time remapping feature will probably not make the workflow much easier for this use case. I understand that the “click to stretch” suggestion would be easier for some use cases. I will keep that in mind

There was a similar suggestion recently.

Can you describe your use case for time stretching?

Do you also need pitch compensation?

The primary use is filling in gaps between videos with clips that vary in length, but doing so without adding or subtracting additional frames for the gap.

As it is now, I have to speed up or slow down the clip and then trim off the additional frames and realign the cuts using split on the audio track as a marker. (I know markers were already suggested, splits are my current workaround for using ALT + Left or Right)

Think of a music video where the video syncs to the measures in the beat and/or on the beat, so pitch comp isn’t a priority for me personally… My audio is already predetermined.