Timeline scrolling in version 23.06.14

Just installed the new verstion 23.06.14 and I will carefully say I think there is a bug in this version. Compared to the previous version 23.05.14.
One video clip mp4 on the timeline, just cutting unwanted parts at both ends.
After cuttintg at the beginning, I clicked on the ‘Skip to the next point’ icon, to bring the play head to the end of the clip in order to go a little back to make the second cut.
The slider which is under the timeline jumped far to the right causing the clip on the timeline go far to the left.
This does not happen with the previous version 23. 05.14
Did not make any settings.

System is Windows 10 pro, 22H2 x 64, 19045.3086
Answers will be appreciated.

This is not a bug. It is an intentional change to the way timeline scrolling works. It is now page-like instead of continuous with the playhead stuck near the end of the window. This is more typical in video editors and helps one to more clearly see what is coming ahead (timewise) of the playhead.

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Thanks for the answer.
I personally find this feature not comfortable, After many versions I got used as it was before,
So now I am back on the previous version and it suits me.
Just one thing, how to stop the notice about there is a new version available, when starting Shotcut.

Help menu → Upgrade → click no

This is an unexpected change that made room for some weird interactions that left we very stumped as I had no idea something changed.

For example double clicking a clip that has it’s start outside visible timeline (aka, to the left) now position the current clip mostly outside to the right of visible timeline when [in my workflow] the main action I do is trim current clip so further manual scrolling is needed. Same for if a clip is very short and has the start on the edge of the visible timeline.
Another workflow is click & hold + drag on the timeline to move the playhead is very dangerous now near the edges of the timeline as it will continously flip pages basically to the end of the entire project so instead of moving a few seconds to the right (as I expected before) I end up 30 minutes to the right.

I’m sure most of the problems are because what I’ve gotten used to the old way, but this is quite a big change that maybe needed more user feedback as it’s part of the core usability of the program?

This was fixed for the next version.