Playhead Jumps From Left to Right Side

Hello, I apologize if this has been solved but I couldn’t find the answer.

When I use to play a video the playhead would always maintain to the right side of the timeline.

Now, when the playhead reaches the right side of the timeline and more footage is about to be played, the playhead jumps to the left side of timeline and it repeats this until the video is finished.

I want the playhead to remain no the right side like it use to (similarly to how centering the playhead does but in that case it remains in the center of the timeline).

Thank you, Jesus bless

The playhead behavior has changed in recent versions. You did not tell us your Shotcut version. But maybe this applies to you:

Oh, I apologize I forgot that detail, yes, mine is the same version at 23.06.14.

Do you know a way to downgrade the ShotCut version since this is patently staying?

Thank you for finding that thread and sharing it with me, it was very insightful.


I found the previous versions to download.

Thank you very much or your help, friend! I am satisfied.
Jesus bless!

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It would be nice to have playhead stable in 3/4 of the timeline to make correction to the material, or like it was in past versions - when it stays close to the end of the track. I wish to know how that controll, or make concious choice in options.
Dar I Juz

You might have Center the Playhead turned on in Settings > Timeline.

Yes - it works perfect. Many thanks for your support.
Dar I Juz

I was hoping this issue would be fixed in the latest version.
I’m running 23.07.29 and the timeline paging is still there.
Very annoying.
I’ve tried turning on/off the “Center the Playhead” setting but that didn’t help.
Did I miss something?


This is not a bug and will not be “fixed.”