Timelapse with blend mode, LUT, and Text HTML filters

My attempt using blend modes. Followed @DvS guidelines with the idea @Galipe demonstrated. Thanks to @Elusien for the scrolling credits . Mad Max LUT (click the ‘Free’ button) for the moon rise.


Good work!

Thank you!

J’aime beaucoup la colorimétrie de ce clip, ainsi que l’ambiance musicale.

I really like the color of this clip, as well as the musical atmosphere

Thanks Galipe. I did use color grading with keyframes to adjust tones when the moon moved between clouds. Blondie’s pre-FM of Moonlight Drive is from the good people at lossless legs. I took the liberty of splitting and rejoining the track to suit the visuals, then normalised and compressed. Glad you liked it.

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