Text with animated colors inside

A quick step-by-step text-tutorial for texteffects with animated colors inside.
Enjoy and reply for ideas:


Nice technique.:smiley::+1:
The blend mode filter opens up a lot of new possibilities.
This is done using your technique to reproduce, partially, the flag effect that @jonray made.



Hi @DvS, nice demonstration - taught me a lot about blend modes and the distort filter - the swirling effect of the coloured bar is really cool. Thanks for making this. Nice work :+1:

@sauron - brilliant demo as usual :smiley::+1: Applying the distort filter to the flag is very effective…

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Thanks for your comment! :smiley:
In fact, I wanted to create something completely different, so I developed the Blend-Modes and made that tutorial spontaniously.

There is also a german version of it.


Well done @DvS and @sauron! I only dabbled in using blend modes once and appreciate different approaches to them.
By the way @sauron, where did you get the video’s background music?

The music came with the video.

@samth : @jonray made that video! :wink:

Just a correction, @dvs - no, @samth is correct - @sauron made the video a few posts above (New Zealand). Mine was the London video.

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The plasma generator can be used to add colors inside text.




Oh sorry, - my fault!

That’s great, too!

Merci pour cette version en allemand, ce tutoriel est très instructif

Vielen Dank für diese deutsche Version, dieses Tutorial ist sehr informativ

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Thank you!
There are more to come.

Ma proposition en utilisant cette technique s’appelle 'Dream of love"
My proposal using this technique is called ‘Dream of love’


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