Time formats and markers

i just managed to place markers in a timeline that match the marker positions i have for the same material in davinci resolve and all i had to do was this!

export edl from resolve for reference counts
break it down into simpler form to put into a spreadsheet
put it in a spreadsheet to translate it into frames instead of timecode
open the same source video file in shotcut
add a simple text filter set to ‘frames’
move through the timeline to each frame count in the spreadsheet
add marker at each

i was pretty shocked when i found that shotcut didn’t have options for how i display my timeline count directly. would certainly have been a lot easier. shotcut’s apparent inability to provide a choice of timeline count format between, say, drop, non-drop, frames, etc made it impossible to reconcile the resolve/shotcut counting discrepancy without resorting to the arcane process above. on the other hand, it did actually seem to work.

of course, i then found that i couldn’t export the markers as a part of the export file so it all, pretty much, crumbled at that point. ah, well. maybe later.

Have you tried the Count option in Open Other?
You can also directly enter the frame # you want to skip to.
Made a sample video:


Entering a frame number count only adheres to the Video Mode FPS, not to the source.
Shotcut’s timecode is HH:MM:SS:FF (FF=Frames).


thanks for the tip, hudson555x! that is, indeed, useful. i was able to create an overlay clip for the timeline in the format i wanted. good news is, it confirmed that what i’d done yesterday did match with this methodology.

like so much in shotcut, it seems, though, to be a hodgepodge of deep sophistication and poor integration. in order to make it truly useful, i had to add filters to it to invert the colors, key it over my timeline, and change the size and position. these things would not be necessary if the generator had an alpha capability and color choices for both text and bg. size and position would be good too but that seems not to be the shotcut way. the shotcut way seems to be adding the ‘size, position & rotate’ filter, which seems fine, especially were the other things i mentioned incorporated. maybe a font size choice would help here.

bottom line, though, is that none of this would be necessary if i could either set the counting display for the timeline via something like a r-click on it to choose between formats.

thanks again. very useful info,

Drop vs non-drop timecode is chosen based on the Video Mode. If the video mode FPS is fractional, then drop frame is used in the preview windows as denoted by the semi-colon as a frame separator. If an integer frame rate is chosen for the video mode, then NDF is used as denoted by a colon in the timecode. The conversion to frames in a spreadsheet should not be necessary. Likewise, asking Shotcut to display NDF timecode for a 29.97fps video is asking for problems later.

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which is why frames would be a good option. also good for image sequences.

my main beef is not that these things can’t be done. in many cases they can. i just get frustrated at having to fish all over the interface to find things when there appear to be obvious vehicles into settings right in front of the user.

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