Time for title in Shot Cut

Good morning
I would like to know why with ShotCut you can not adjust the time in the movie titles.
Basically the title, it remains throughout the movie. While it would only serve for a few seconds at the beginning of the movie.

Is it possible to correct?
Will there be an update of the program?

Also: I ask, is there a version for Windows XP?
(for my old computer…)

Thank you!

How you made the title? Is it a simple text part…?
Can you send a screenshot?
'Til then…

You can split the movie on the timeline, and just add text filter to the front part.

Or you can add a 2nd video track above your movie.

Thank you for the answer.

But you can’t change the Title function by putting a timer?
It would be much simpler and more functional…

Thank you.

For the Text filters direct timer… no.
For the Text filter there is Keyframes you can use to control movement and size of the filter, thus moving the text on and off the screen where you want it on the clip.

And here is the MLT file for you to download and play with.

Text timer keyframe example.mlt (3.8 KB)

In case I don’t fully understand your question, there is a Timer filter.
You can’t add any text to it, it’s just a timer function.


Or File > Open Other > Text and add a text clip that you can trim to an upper video track.

Of course!

Also: I ask, is there a version for Windows XP?

No, sorry

I had forgot about trimming.
I never seem to use it.

Then I wait for an update with the timer function on the title. Thank you…

There is no update that will include that. You are not reading the helpful instructions being provided to you. Good luck

I’m sorry I knew there was going to be an update. Greetings and thank you…

The proposed solutions that indicated, are too cumbersome and do not solve… I don’t think it’s so complex to be able to insert a title to the movie with a timer. With Windows Movie Maker you could enter a title that had a timer already programmed. Easy…

Have you tried any of them?
If there is something you don’t understand, feel free to ask.

It is not. After adding a Text filter, simply move the play head to where you want the text filter to stop and press ] on the keyboard.
(This falls under the filter trimming, but you do not even need to open/use Keyframes panel to use it. You simply would have needed to read some to discover it.)

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