There are missing files in your video project

I just edited a video video project had image files & mp4 files and wav audio all files were edited in shotcut as per requirement and i had saved the next day when i opened shotcut and clicket on recent project i am getting a pop up mesaage :slight_smile: There are missing files in your video project. Double-click each row to locate file .

i doubled click and went to location but i could not find the i clicket browse folder on popup box still could not find the files.
so i went back to first method and double clicked ,noted the path to destination folder and in that destination folder i pasted all the files in my project.
now i opened shotcut ,double clicked on missing file ,entered the destination folder,still cannot see the file.

please someone help me to recover my project so i could play my video exactly like before in timeline.please give step by step instructions to get thse missing files.
just to get the pop message i have given a link from internet of another guy having same problem.

@soulpure1 You’ll find a lot more answers/solutions in Shotcut’s forum than on Reddit.

The reason why you’re getting that dialog box is because you moved the files since you have saved the project. Shotcut doesn’t know where you moved the files, therefore you need to tell Shotcut where to find them. Perhaps you had them on a thumb drive and just simply need to reinsert the thumb drive.

Instead of retyping everything, might want to read this.

This is not really that difficult to resolve by simply following the directions. I suggest you include a screen shot from your system that shows the files in the folder (in explorer). No one else knows where your files are. You need to at least provide that. And can upload your project file in a reply here.

Your case was easy, your file was moved.

I met a case saying missing a file “#FFFFFFFF” (the indicated missing file name is a color code so I went wtf)

Hi! I also got the same notification, but saying the missing file is:
“C:\Program Files (x86)\Shotcut<tractor>”
I haven’t moved any files. What is this “tractor”. Is there any way to repair this easy way?
Thank you already in before hand.

It is an internal thing – usually a transition. Ignore the warning, click OK to continue, review your project, and manually fix whatever may be wrong. Also, upgrade. There have been bugs in the past misdetecting things as missing files.

Thank you so much for responding! Yes, every each transition (there’s more than fifty of those in my project) is just black and there’s written with white “invalid”. Maybe better not to use the transitions? Better do with fadings with two tracks?
I just downloaded Shotcut in December, deleted today and installed again (tried if that would have helped). Is there something more I can upgrade?

If you used a version before 19.12.16, it would create INVALID transitions when “changing the speed of the clip on the right side of a transition.” This goes into the project file as you observed. Upgrading will not be able to automagically fix those - only prevent it from occurring again.

The version I downloaded Nov2019, so yes this must be it. I don’t remember changing any clip speed, but however the result is the same. Thank you so much for the replies!!!

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