URGENT: File library / Files connected to .mlt file

Hi All,

I would like to share a project I am working on as an editable format (.mlt) so another person can continue working on it from a different computer.

The problem is that the files I have included in the project are linked to my local drive and when the .mlt file is opened by somebody else the files are missing.

Is there a way to have something like a library on shotcut so that when I send the project as .mlt the files are included?

Thank you so much for your help!

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Before starting this. Copy your existing MLT for a backup.
The MLT file is nothing more than XML code, which can be edited with Notepad++ (NOT windows notepad)

You’ll have to either edit your source mlt file (with Notepad), then move all the source file into one folder, or start a new project. The files that are missing are ones with absolute file paths. Shotcut does save relative file paths if the mlt file is at the base. Sharing to another computer would have to have the same file structure for it to work.

Put all of your source files into the same directory including the MLT.
Zip Files (or folder), then send it to the other computer. Will even work from a USB drive.

Relative file path (Same Drive/Same base folder):


  • Project.mlt [R:\Subfolder\Project.mlt]
  • Project.png [R:\Subfolder\Project.png]
  • Project.mp4 [R:\Subfolder\Project.mp4]

Or you can have folders above the saved mlt file.


  • Project.mlt [S:\Subfolder\Project.mlt]
  • Bin1 [S:\Subolder\Bin1\]
    • Project.mlt [S:\Subolder\Bin1\Project.mlt]
    • Project.png [S:\Subolder\Bin1\Project.png]
    • Project.mp4 [S:\Subolder\Bin1\Project.mp4]

Absolute file paths (Different drive, mlt not base of any other folder/subfolder of required files):
This is why the Missing Files dialog box appears when another computer don’t have these files/paths already in place.

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The library function you’re thinking of does exist with Adobe, although not sure how well it’s sharable, as I don’t use adobe.

On Shotcut’s roadmap:

Dear Hudson555x,

Thank you so much for your answer! This is very much appreciated!

I am a total beginner with regard to shotcut and to film editing in general, so I will have to look into this with some more time. It looks quite complex for me though.

Alternatively, is there another workaround? For example saving all the files in one folder on a cloud so that the other person simply downloads them and uploads them in the playlist?

Thanks a lot in advance!

The missing files dialog box allows you to find the missing files.
If you send all of the files in one folder that person will know where to find all of the files (with the missing files dialog box), as it allows you to change file locations. When that person saves the project mlt, it will change the locations.

If that person sends you back the MLT file, then you will get the same missing files dialog box, unless everything all is one location.

In this file, I created an mlt project file, then purposely renamed files/folder to get this box.

I can still find them, and double clicking on each row will allow me to point to the correct file.

Once you found the file for this line, you’ll see a green check mark. Get all green check marks, then hit ok.

Here is a simple solution:

  1. Make a folder.
  2. Move all of your files into the folder including the .mlt project file.
  3. Open the .mlt file from that new folder.
  4. Shotcut shows the Missing Files dialog.
  5. Resolve all off the rows in the dialog using the new folder. Yes, this will be tedious unfortunately.
  6. (optional) In case you did not want to move your media files, copy them back to their original location.

Thank you so much, both! Very much appreciated!

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