The Zoom Slider Lags Tremendously (Still)

I am here to echo the sentiments of m9115m from 2017 and AaronD from 2020.

It is now 2023 and the Zoom slider still induces an unforgivable amount of lag.

I am running the Appimage of 22.12.21 on Linux Mint 20.3.

Enabling ‘Use Proxy’ does nothing.
Switching the ‘Display Method’ does nothing.
Setting ‘Preview Scaling’ to 360p does nothing.
Disabling ‘Show Audio Waveforms’ does nothing.

I have a project consisting of exactly 1 720p .mp4 which is less than an hour in length and I cannot touch the Zoom slider without Shotcut spiking in Memory usage.

Just now, with all of the above settings, I rapidly clicked one of the Zoom icons and Shotcut’s Memory spiked to over 6 Gigs and crashed.

Responses in both of the linked threads suggest that the project timeline was too long, but if an hour’s worth of barely HD video (proxied, previewed at 360p, with waveforms off, across multiple display methods) is too much for Shotcut to handle, then Shotcut’s just not equipped for the editing work I need to get done.