The Shotcut in my notebook is working very bad! It's crashing!

I use a windows 2011 in a computer with 12 GB of RAM memory, disc rigid ssd, all other applications works well, but the shortcut is crushing a lot! What’s happening?!? What may do it?

We might need a little more info I’m afraid! Can you explain what you are doing when it crashes; are you adding video to the timeline, scrubbing the timeline, or working with filters when the software crashes? And by “crashes”, what do you mean … is there some kind of notification or message, or does it just freeze and stop responding?

Can you please try uploading your log file here for us to look at. That can be found under View → Application Log.

I would try a full uninstall and reinstall, exactly as described below (taking special care to complete the folder deletion and registry cleaning).

Also, you could try a different version for testing purposes.

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Not much information about your computer (laptop) specifications. What CPU, RAM, SSD. Project parameters in Shotcut. Source files properties - size, resolution, bitrate.
For example:
CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 2600
Ram - Patriot 3600 CL16 (set to 3333 MHz) Single or dual mode?
SSD - Plextor PX-128M5S

Do you have other applications open in the background, such as a web browser with many tabs open. This can result in high RAM usage and no memory for Shotcut. The integrated graphics also uses RAM. How much free space do you have on the SSD drive.

This may be applicable:

So, my friend! I think you need a computer with a dedicated video card of 8 GB, 32 GB RAM, and an excellent processor! Without that, the Shotcut won’t work well for a video a little bit large and with a good designer!!

You didn’t understand (misunderstanding). The fact is that the example specification (already a bit outdated and weak) I wrote is almost true to reality. The RAM is DDR4 2x8GB, dual mode. The graphics card is Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050Ti 4GB. Several hard drives - 2xSSD and 1xHDD. Plenty of free space on each of them. I don’t do big, demanding projects. I haven’t been recording or editing videos lately, so my computer is enough for me. Sometimes I find something interesting on the forum and then I do a little experiment. Sometimes I even try to help on the forum. Most of the time, I don’t have any major problems with Shotcut’s unstable performance. Sometimes it crashes unexpectedly while editing. Project exports were successful.

I’m not looking for help now. Like the

I wrote you what additional information you should add so that someone can help you. People seeking help here have different computers, operating systems and different knowledge, experience with computers and audio, video editing. How can we know how to help when we do not know the man and his knowledge and technical background.

Windows 11 likes to cause problems or some program is not yet refined to work with this system. Sometimes it’s a driver issue.

This can also be helpful.

Absolutely, definitely … not!

Obviously the better the computer specifications, the better Shotcut will perform, and it depends on the video resolution you are working with. But I have personally had decent performance on an old HP AMD A8-7410 quad core laptop running Linux (Arch & Xubuntu) with 12Gb RAM, a 1Gb R5 graphics card, and an old 1Tb rotating drive (so not even a solid state drive). It is far from speedy but it gets the job done just fine when working with 1080p (4K is out of the question) as long as proxy editing and preview scaling are on.

Anyway, the additional information I mentioned was requested in the form of questions, along with a link including detailed instructions on how to perform a complete uninstall and reinstall.

So if you want further assistance then may I be so bold as to recommend you address my questions from post 2 and let us know how you get on? I think that would be a step in the right direction to solving your issue.

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Before you start - try a , and check your “TASK MANAGER” to see if nothing is running which maybe could be stopped. I find sometimes my Browser will still be running (though now I’m using EDGE it usually cleans up after a RESTART).

Don’t have a Browser running.

I was also having issues with the new version (22.12.21) - and went back to 22.06.23.

I think your problem may be with the SSD. while they are good for storage, they are not made for speed on creation… if you have a hard disk (portable) try moving your shotcut directories to that. I have retired my SSD for similar reasons.

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