The Elastic Scale Filter Preview Scaling Distortion Bug

Windows 10

I had posted yesterday in the Beta thread for version 24.02 about the bug with the Elastic Scale Filter here.

I was all set to give an update there after the reported fix, but alas, the thread was closed right before I could. So, here I am starting a new thread for this.

Sadly, the Elastic Scale filter bug is still at large. Interestingly, it seems to play nice with 540p Preview Scaling but when it comes to 360p and 720p Preview Scaling the video distortion is still present. Images linked below.
Original Video
Video with 360p Preview Scaling
Video with 720p Preview Scaling

This is not exactly the same bug I fixed. This filter does not play nicely with preview scaling in general, perhaps somewhat due to the nature of how it works. I doubt I will ever be able to make this filter have enough similarity with the original rendition without preview scaling.