THANKS and a little issue with proxy

Hi, I have started to use Shotcut very recently and I am not good at video editing. Thanks for this tool, I know it’s hard work and keep it up.

I was looking at a forum post talking about “proxy” videos, when I saw the very last post a few days ago that the latest version support proxy. I immediately updated my version and was surprised at the speed of my half completed project. After the proxies was generated for the videos, only one issue popped up.
A section that was reversed, now shows “invalid” when trying to view it on the timeline. Maybe that is normal, but for me unexpected. Maybe some person with a much longer edit will caught out, but for me, it was only my 4th clip I’ve added.

Your query about “INVALID” - are you sure this isn’t the issue: INVALID Clips

Hi. Apologies for the slow reply. No, I see what what is meant in the post, but that is not the problem. The original is still there, and I can pull it back in and reverse it again.

I saw this as a minor issue. I had major struggles because of transitions over keyframed clips, so that the “invalid clip” pale to absolutely nothing in my mind’s eye. :slight_smile:

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