Hi. Please could someone help. I’m still new to Shotcut and enjoying it very much but I have a problem: When I go back into Shotcut to do further editing, I get a pop-up saying that files (clips) are missing and get an INVALID sign in my project screen. I think it’s happening when I use the “INSERT” (Ripple Trim & Drop) If anyone can help I’d be very grateful! Thanks very much!
Howard Jones

When you insert a clip (video or picture) onto a track in Shotcut, the application does not take a copy of the clip, it uses whatever file you specify.

If you close Shotcut and move or delete that file on your filesystem then the next time you open Shotcut it will not be able to find that file and will say that it is missing and will show the clip as INVALID.

The easiest thing to do is to put the video or image back where you moved it from, or use the option that Shotcut gives you at the beginning to specify its new location on your filesyste,

Thank you Elusien! I will do as you recommend! It does make sense.
Very grateful to you!
kind regards

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