Text Will Not Show (Glitch?) URGENT!

I’ve looked at all the other text questions. And none of them answer this problem.
Everything is fine and as it should be, I have been adding text all through out
the video so I understand what needs to be placed where. Randomly it just started not adding text. I’m editing a video that I at least want to come out tomorrow, so if this is one of those “unfix able glitches” then I’d rather not work on the video at all.
Picture Link:

It looks like this might have to do with Keyframes, if you are using a recent version of Shotcut.

Check out this thread and see if the solutions there work for you too:

If it doesn’t: what version of Shotcut are you using? Does the text appear at any time throughout a clip the filter is applied to? Where does the text filter work/not work?

I think disappearing text was an issue with 18.08.11 but it was fixed in 18.08.14. You could try clicking the reset buttons to the right of the text size/position parameters and your text could re-appear.