Text Will Not Go Away

How do I remove text from the Timecode so that I can put in some more text? I am making a video ad and will do the narration of the printed word. I finally worked out how to separate the clips. I am now working on deleting verbiage for the first Timecode and putting it in for the second, and etc.

Worked great the first time. But the second time, it failed. I am trying to put a short narration up on the screen (so people can get it both by seeing and hearing). Still have the same problem. Words won’t remove and make way for other words. Thanks for all your help!

Hi @Marilyn_Campbell, I just made a tutorial video about adding text to videos in Shotcut. Perhaps watching it would help you? Good luck! Please note, there are a few other ways to add text but in my opinion doing it this way is the best method.

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