Text: Simple

The Text: Simple filter supports various keywords that will be replaced by Shotcut. Keywords start and end with a “#” character. Those keywords include:

  • #timecode# or #smpte_df#: The SMPTE drop frame timecode of the frame
  • #smpte_ndf#: The SMPTE non-drop frame timecode of the frame
  • #frame#: The frame number of the frame
  • #filedate#: The file modification date of the source file
  • #localfiledate#: The local file date of the source file (adjusted for time zone)
  • #localtime#: The current time of day (adjusted for time zone)
  • #resource#: The file name of the source file
  • #createdate#: The creation date of the source file. This can be set on the clip in the playlist, else it defaults to the file modification date

To display an actual “#” character, type “\#”.


Thanks for this.
I have wondered about all the possible keywords available in the Text: Simple filter.

Is it possible to add more? For example, the #resource# keyword displays the file name with the entire file path. Personally, I’d like one that would display only the file name.

Another suggestion maybe? What would you think about a drop-down menu containing all available keywords instead of buttons? Aside from the convenience of having them all available, it would also have the advantage of reducing the horizontal space occupied by the filter settings in the panel.

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