Text Simple Size and Position Numbers Not the Same On Laptop as PC


So I got a laptop to edit some videos on the go. I add the channel name at the bottom left of the sceen as a sort of copyright text. I usually edit on my PC, and so to make sure my text was equal on my PC and Laptop, I took a picture of the Text Simple Size and Position Numbers. I went to put the text and put the numbers, but noticed the text flew off the screen, and isn’t anywhere close to where it should be. Is there a way to fix this?

The best thing to do is to make an intro “video” in the appropriate max resolution that you re-use on all new creations.

What is the video mode of your old project compared to the new one? Best to attach the mlt file for each so we can take a look, and also a screenshot of your shotcut window timeline, including the size, position, & rotate filter numbers.

I do text in the bottom right corner as I stated,

throughout the entire video. The channel I do doesn’t require an intro, which is why I did the text instead.

On my PC, the numbers of the Text Simple filter, and it’s size and position within the text work on my PC. But, when I went on my laptop and put in the same numbers, the text doesn’t go in the same spot.

There is no other filter other than Text Simple.

Below is a screenshot on what I do with the text. That’s what it looks like on my PC.

On my Laptop, it goes to I don’t even know where, completely off the screen.

Does that make more sense? Since I feel like I may not have explained well.

You need to:

  1. Position the playhead where the text clip is:
  2. Open the Filters panel
  3. Select the “Text: Simple” filter
  4. Take a screenshot of the whole Shotcut window.
  5. Post the screenshot.

No you explained it fine, no worries there. I understood that you only use text. I mentioned an intro for related reasons which can just be text, but that is not going to help understand what’s happening here.

So first things first - screenshot your time line with the SPR filter active (Elusien gave precise instructions) and attach both mlt files (if you have them handy). If not just attach the file you have.

And what video mode are you using for each project? You can read about video mode from my previous post.

Sorry, a bit scatter-brained at moment, but maybe your desktop “Display” scale is at 150% and your laptop normal (100%)? The difference in scales can throw applications’ x/y positioning off. sorry if this is wasting everyone’s time.


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