Text Simple filter no longer has resize border?

I use the “Text: Simple” filter to add text to my videos all the time. Usually, when I add text this way, if I’ve selected the clip in the timeline where the filter is applied, I can see a box that allows me to resize and move the text. Today, this has suddenly disappeared. All I see is the text, but not the box that allowed me to resize. I can still resize and move the text by entering numbers for “position” and “size” in the filter settings on the left, but that’s a bit painful to use.

Did I accidentally change something to do this? I opened up last week’s project where I used this filter, and it was working as described previously, and that too now no longer shows the resize border as well.

Shotcut version 22.12.21
OS: Fedora 36 Linux

Duplicate of a duplicate

I wonder why this is suddenly happening to so many people.

My machine is Intel CPU with AMD GPU, using the amdgpu driver in the stock kernel of Fedora 36 workstation. I tried the Display Method > Software and restarted shotcut, but the same problem still persists. Would this still suggest is OpenGL issue?

I have AMD GPU, and I do not reproduce it, neither with software display method. I do not know what the problem is.

They are all Linux users, and two of the affected reported the alpha version does not have the issue.

If the laptop is with intel+nvidia video cards, it will help to write the line nvidia-optimus-offload-glx in the shortcut to the shotcut. I think there is a problem with intel and amd drivers, but this problem is not with nvidia proprietary drivers. Switching to program rendering mode unfortunately does not solve the problem.

I faced this issue and it has gone when I downloaded ShotCut app from the default Ubuntu Software store. The previous one was from flathub. I think this small tweak can be useful to others who are facing this issue.

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