Text: Rich Version 20.09.13 alignment


Can you please add an option to align the textbox (e.g. center)? An option for an border of the textbox would also be good.


You can already center the text within the rectangle, and if you want to center the rectangle within the video frame turn on the player’s grid image and ensure snapping is on within its dropdown menu.

oh thanks, I did not know that yet :+1:

Hi. I really like the new Text: Rich filter … But while it’s possible to center the text horizontally, I can’t see where it centers vertically - the equivalent of Vertical fit / Middle in Text: Simple. This only really matters where there’s a background color. And it just so happens I use background colors a lot. :slight_smile: (I’ve tried adding a blank line above the text, but this doesn’t really work.) Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Just in case anyone chances on my earlier post … Apologies if everyone already knows this, but I solved my problem as follows:

  1. File - Open Other - Colour
  2. Drag the colour clip to the Timeline (Video 2 +)
  3. Select the required colour if not already selected in 2.
  4. Add Crop: Rectangle to the colour clip and adjust to the req’d size and position (padding colour = transparent).
  5. Add Opacity filter to the colour clip and set desired level %.
  6. Add Text: Rich filter to the colour clip then enter and format text - making sure that there’s no background.

I wish I’d worked this out sooner, even for Text: Simple. Having the background independent of the text is really useful. Also, Crop: Rectangle has the “corner radius” option, which makes backgrounds look more professional IMHO.