Vertical Alignment Text:Rich vs. Text:Simple


I miss the possibility to easily align text vertically in Text:Rich as it is possible with Text:Simple. Why is that not available in both text filters? Yes, I’ve read Text: Rich Version 20.09.13 alignment - #2 by shotcut, but this is too complex. Why not just having the same toggles like in Text:Simple?

BR, Ben

Je suppose que vous voulez faire varier la distance entre le texte et le bord supérieur du cadre.
Pour faire cela, j’insère un caractère vide (espace) sur une ligne au dessus du texte. Il suffit alors de faire varier la taille de la police de ce caractère pour modifier la marge haute.

I assume you want to vary the distance between the text and the top edge of the frame.
To do this, I insert a blank character (space) on a line above the text. Then I simply vary the font size of this character to change the top margin.



For me, that would be only a workaround. Example target for me: to put a text in the exact (vertical) middle of the screen.

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@snowmen , I agree - being able to centre-justify text would be good. However, here’s another work-around for text centered in the middle of the screen: Use the grid to visually position the text. Apologies if you already knew about this…


No apologies necessary. I knew this already. This is how I do it, too. Too bad, there is not the same possibility like in Text:Simple.

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One problem with Text: Rich, at least for me, is that in the preview panel, the position of the text will not be exactly the same as in the exported file.


So unless I really need Text: Rich (to change the color/font/size of just one word for example) I prefer to use Text: Simple.


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