Text:Rich Add stroke or outline around the text

Is there a way to create a dark outline around the text characters in the Text: Rich filter?

I am using Shotcut version: 24.02.29.

I have light colored text above a sometimes light colored video clip and the text can get lost in places. There are dark places in the background video where a dark text would get lost. I could create a JPG file with the text stroked and then keyframe a scroll, but I was hoping for an easier solution.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

You could download the Beta version (installer or portable) currently available here:

Just add the new Drop Shadow filter to your Text clip, below the Text: Rich filter.

But be aware that this version contains a few bugs (read the post conversation)
Most (if not all) are fixed, but those fixes are not yet available on the Beta version.

Another option, if the Text: Rich filter is not crucial in your project, would be to use the Text: Simple filter instead and add an Outline to your text.

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The drop shadow also does not need an offset, but it still needs some blur to create like a soft outline or subtle glow.
I think the only glaring known bug in the currently published beta is that Automatically Add Tracks gets turned on inadvertently.

Wow, that was quick!

I like the idea of trying the Drop Shadow filter, but not while it is in beta.

I used the Text: Simple filter and got around the issue. At the end of June, I will update Shotcut to the new version.

Thank you MusicalBox and shotcut leader for your help.

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