BETA version 24.06 now available to test

The beta for the next version due by the end of June is now available with the SVT-AV1 encoder, support for DJI proxy files, the Vibrance and Drop Shadow video filters, as well as a number of good fixes including for GPU Effects.

Feedback in this thread is appreciated. But please read the release notes before doing so.


This version crashed many times after doing File > New.
I also noticed it on a version I downloaded yesterday on Github.

I don’t know yet how to trigger it every time. It crashed a few times on different projects I was working on, but also did it right after launching Shotcut.

So to the others testing this BETA version, maybe you could check if it happens to you as well or if it just me…

I’m on Windows 10

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That happened to me too on Linux Mint with Shotcut tarball, and it seems a little random. The closest thing I’ve found to a pattern is to change the Video Mode and then File > New to start a new project in the new mode. I was usually switching between the stock 1080p 29.97 and 2160p 29.97 modes. But even that isn’t 100% guaranteed to crash.

But you don’t need to use New in this case. If a project is open, Video Mode changes the video mode of the project. If a project is not open, Video Mode changes the mode of the current session.

FYI New = Close

Fair enough. My main point was that it isn’t necessary to open/close a real project or even drag a media file into Shotcut to trigger the crash. It can be triggered immediately from the startup screen.

OK, I reproduced it and made a fix. But also I tested opening several old projects and using File > New or Close on them a couple of times each and no further crash.


Is there any practical use for negative blur values? If not, then I don’t see the point of a slider that lets me set -100 blur.

Hello everyone,

on this beta, a video file (I think coming from a smartphone) asks to be converted when loading, whereas version 24.04.28 processes it immediately.
Which of the two versions is true?
For example this video.

Is the same video file being used in both versions of Shotcut?

Smartphone footage is always suspect. When in doubt, convert it.

The same video of course, as well as others of the same kind, that we find on the net.

Trust the beta. Previous versions had a simpler check for variable frame rate, which would not detect some files that actually were VFR. From the release notes:

Improved handling for some variable frame rate videos. Now, it tries to show the file’s target frame rate and extends the variable detection logic to include strange average frame rate values (what previous versions showed).


@shotcut, I’ve noticed on 24.06.02 that double-clicking on a clip (to get the playhead to the start of the clip) is sometimes very sluggish, and intermittent. Sometimes it just doesn’t have any effect - and sometimes the playhead moves after quite a long delay - probably about half a second.

I don’t recall having this problem on 24.04; in fact the contrary, I felt that 24.04 was super-responsive in many ways.

Is anyone else having this problem?
Windows 11 i7 laptop (the same on I used for 24.04).

No, fixed that.

Is it dependent upon the type of clip while not using proxy? For example, some MTS videos might seem slower but not images.

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I noticed it too yesterday.

I found that to make it work every time I need to click once on the clip, wait for the clip to be selected, then double-click.

If I do a quick triple-click, sometimes it works, sometimes not.

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I had a mixture of jpgs, mp4s and mov files. No proxy used. I think it was on some mp4s. However, having said that it hasn’t happened so much over the last 20 minutes working on a project. Just wondered if anyone else was having a few difficulties. Will report again and try some testing tomorrow. Football to watch now on TV… :wink:

Hi @musicalbox, we crossed posts!