Text gets blurry after export

Hello Shotcut community,

first of all: i’m rather new to this, so maybe i’m missing something obvious, but i couldn’t find a solution online or on here. My problem is, that the text i inserted in my video (using the text:simple filter) gets really blurry (smaller font sizes barely readible) after the export. In the program it seems ok, so i guess the problem arises in the exportation process. I initially used the H.264 High Profile format (Mp4) with standard settings, then i tried to change some of the settings like turning up the resolution (standard is 640x480, highest i tried is 1920x1440) or the quality (standard is 55%, highest i tried is 100%). This made it look slightly better at best but in many cases it also made the export fail at like 99%.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Set your Video Mode to a higher resolution - not Export.

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