Text filter presets

Hi i am using SC 18.08.01 (have also tried 18.07.02) on a Win 7 64 bit pc.
I am adding text to a video clip and have the text scrolling in from the left.
This works as expected for the first clip in the timeline, but for all other clips, i cannot get the text to scroll in from the left - the text is just constantly in the same position on the video clip.
This problem seems to be affecting any of the presets - works for the first timeline clip, and not for all the other clips.
So, is it a bug, or am i pressing the wrong buttons ?

It looks like there is something weird going on here; I haven’t used the presets before but just tested them out, and definitely did not get the results I was expecting. Have you tried editing the text filter’s keyframes? It looks to me like the keyframe parameters might be messed up, maybe they are trying to use a value from the previous filter instance?

Hi Chips,
This looks like a problem I’ve been having. See my post about it HERE.

Seems to me there’s some kind of problem going on with applying keyframes to text.

I just fixed this for the next release v18.09. Will have to wait a while unfortunately. In the meantime, you can filter a transparent color clip and export using the Quicktime Animation export preset mentioned in the linked topic. Or, you can open a clip in Source player, trim and filter it, and export it (pay attention to the From field at the top of the Export panel) as some intermediate or lossless format. Then, use either of those in a larger project.

Thank you!:+1::+1:

Hi guys,
Thanks you all for your replies.
Looking forward to v18.09 :slight_smile: