Erratic behaviour when applying keyframes to text block

I’m getting problems trying to animate a block of text, using simple keyframes.

The short videos below show the problem - I have

  1. created a colour clip
  2. applied opacity filter set to zero
  3. applied a text filter
  4. applied simple keyframes (to make the text block scroll downwards).

The problem I have is that the boundary box moves as expected - but the text content doesn’t. (See first video below)

OR, sometimes… the text block is displaced outside the boundary box, for no apparent reason (see video #2).

I would add that it seems to be intermittent - occcasionaly it has worked OK. But it is VERY frustrating!

Is this a bug or are there any steps I can take to rectify this? (I’ve tried restarting SC, retarting the computer, re-installing SC, etc. Seems to be erratic in 18.07, too). Thanks for any help…

Version 18.08.01
Windows 10

Here’s another short example of erratic text behaviour when I try to add keyframes to a clip with a text filter applied.

As you can see, it seemed to work at the beginning of the video but became erratic later.

Any observations would be gratefully received! Thank you.

Do you have the GPU Effects option on?

No. Unticked.

I was thinking about this problem with text keyframes not working properly and I wondered:

  1. is the process of moving text by applying keyframes very heavy on computer resources (memory and/or cpu), compared to moving a normal video clip?

  2. Could it be that it isn’t a bug as such, but just my computer struggling to cope with the demands I’m placing on it? My computer is an i5 -2310 2.90Ghz with 8Gb RAM, Windows 10.

Another thing: My project has lots of keyframes (Size and Position) in it and has several video tracks (see below). Sometimes the keyframes are in action at the same time on different tracks. I expect this is another factor?

Any comments/help/advice greatly appreciated.

I have just thought of a workaround technique to overcome the problem of sliding text not working in a project with lots of sliding text and images.

Open SC (blank).
Create sliding text (just one section of text, not multiple text clips) on a brightly coloured color clip (I chose pink).
Animate as necessary using keyframes. Because it is a single clip, it should work OK.

Export this animated text and save as an mp4:

Import it into your project, apply chroma key (simple) filter, use the eye dropper to make the bright colour transparent. Place it on a track above the background video. Apply a (static) size and position filter if necessary to position the text exactly.


It works!!

In fact I’m so happy I got it to work I made this completely silly video to experiment with the technique:

On a serious note, though, I notice the scrolling text is quite stuttery (the vertically moving text less so than the horizontal). Mainly because the hoeizontal text is moving a long distance in a short time, I think.
I wondered if it would look any better exported at 60fps:

Hmmm, not much difference to my eyes…

Anyway, hope all this is useful to someone. Jon

You can export as a Quicktime Animation with alpha channel. and then you will not have to use the Chroma Key filter. Make a custom export preset and paste the following into the text box of the dialog:


You might want to disable the audio in the Export > Audio tab when using this.

Thanks Dan, interesting. Will look into this.

I am going to close this thread as a duplicate of Text filter presets
Also, that export preset will be in the next version as well.