Text Filter not shown on top of video

UPDATE: My initial question just got solved: I had to pull up the keyframes god knows why.
However there ocurred another problem: The project consists of a single video file divided in clips. Those clips each have a Text: Rich filter. However if I play the video the (enabled) filter is not show but just flashes up for a fraction of a second between two clips. Any idea how I can have normal behaviour, text being shown for the whole duration of the video?

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Hello there,

I’m new to video and shotcut.
If I understand correctly: In order to match the size of the a video file I want to use in shotcut I import it, drop it on the timeline, select/create a fitting Video Mode with matching dimensions plus use the Size Position filter on my video track and manually adjust my video to the canvas or however the “video player” is called?

I made a video with some edits. Once I found out about video mode I changed it to have my video files fill the canvas, that is after I made some cuts applied some filters (to individual parts of the video).

Now a strage problem arises: The filter on the track affects the video, making it “full screen” but only to a certain point about 40 % lenght (of roughly a minute long video). Then, within a clip, it changes back to it’s original dimensions. Furthermore from that point on the video is not affect by any other function of the filter, sayI try to change it’s position…

Any advice what to do?
I restarted the program/system. The original video file is of a constant ratio.
I use version 21.06.29 on Win 10.

Many thanks

Chris, welcome to the forum!

I am having trouble visualizing both what you are trying to do and what you are experiencing. Can you provide any screenshots or other information?

Hello awake,

thanks for your reply!
So try to be a bit more clear: I inserted a filter and inserted some text as shown here:

[sorry had to split my answer in 2, as a new user I’m only allowed to post a single media]

But when I select another object (or render the video) it gives me this view as if the text would be on a layer below the video, so not shown at all:


It looks like you have some sort of filter applied to the whole track (note the little “funnel” symbol on the track). Did you have apply the text filter to the whole track, or did you apply that only to one clip within the track? If the latter, I wonder if the track-applied filter(s) is/are interfering with the text filter applied to the clip - I’m thinking about the way that different filters can interact depending on the order in which they are applied.

Others may be able to offer more insight into the possible issue above, but here’s a quick suggestion to fix it - it may be simpler to create another video track and put your text on that - create a transparent clip (Open Other: Color - which defaults to transparent) and apply the text filter to that. That will let you manipulate effects on the track without interfering with what you are doing with the text.

Keep in mind that I am a long, long way from being any sort of expert, so there may be other / better solutions! But again, others will no doubt chime in to offer those.


the filter on the whole track is just the size position filter. I applied different text filters to different clips.
I will try your suggestion, might take until next week to answer though.

Kind regards

Perhaps you have a clicked on a preset within the filter.

Try clicking on the preset drop down menu and select (defaults)

Aha! I actually was thinking of the SPR filter in particular, as I seem to recall trying to figure out where my text went … only to find out that it had gotten positioned off-screen by an SPR. See what happens if you turn the SPR filter off on the track. If the text now shows up, maybe we’re on to something!

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