Text duration

Hi all…new to the forum and just getting going on shotcut. How can I add text to a clip for a short duration (2-3 seconds for example)? I have the simple text filter selected, but perhaps it is something else.


Open Other > Text. Type text in the text box. Press OK.
The text clip is opened in the viewer. The default duration, unless it’s been changed is 4 seconds.
The duration can be changed in the viewer. Press home to put the play head at the beginning of the clip. Use Pg Down to advance the play head 1 second at a time, when the desired duration is reached, press o to set the out point.

The text can be added to the playlist . Press Shift A or the “+” icon. Or the clip can be added to the timeline. Drag and drop the clip on the timeline or press c then v to copy, paste to the timeline.
The duration on the text clip can be adjusted on the timeline, using the right side trim handle by dragging it right to increase the duration.


OK TNX. I did manage to get the text duration done via keyframe functions.

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