Text animation?

Dear friends. Does anyone know if Shotcut is going to include text animation sometimes soon? I am trying to make animated titles such as typewriter effect, moving words/letters etc…?
Thank you so much.

There is “Text:HTML” video filter.
It allows to implement everything of what you need with HTML/CSS/Javascript.
There are several ready templates, like “Simple scroll”, etc.

This page – http://www.elusien.co.uk/shotcut/webvfx/index.php – provides examples of using WebVfx extension. Take a look to “Overlay HTML Examples” section.
It implements typewriter and exploding words.

Animate using keyframes and trimming.


HTML and CSS can do even more.


Note however that WebVfx (and hence Text:HTML) is likely to disappear in the not too distant future when Dan updates MLT-Shotcut to a version of Qt that is supported, but which unfortunately doesn’t support QtWebkit that WebVfx relies on. I have started putting a warning on my website to that effect.

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There are many ways to animate text, such as splitting a clip up into lots of little chunks and changing the text between each segment. That is how I managed to create this: Typewriter intro

Thank you so much friends for yout valuable input. I an new to all this and frankly I feel lost. But thanks to you guys, I am seeing some light at the end of this tunnel!!!
thanks again

It’s a pain. Do you know which way it’s going to go? Will it be possible to do some kind of CSS or HTML animation? Do you know about some application to render the webkit animations in video?

EDIT: found two workarounds. First, keep an old copy of Shoutcut an render in it. Ugly. Second, set timing to a greater value and capture from browser. Ugly too. But useful?

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