Taking too much ram

2 months ago, I had a video 10mins long and took about 30mins to export with no issues. But now today
I tried a 1min (no major edits) and it fails every time due to lack of ram. I have 8gb ram, I use proxy, preview is also set to 360p and I did not have any other application open. It takes this much ram ONLY in this project. Please help. Shotcut version: 21.12.21


I suggest to reboot and try again

Hi, I did do that but it did not work

how do you know that the failure is due to lack of RAM? Does the export job fail? If it does, right click on the failed job to view the log. What do the last few lines of the log say?

Yes, I checked task manager and when it was around 60 - 70% done it takes up 100% of my ram then it shows “you are running low on memory” pop up.

Update on this: I just recreated the entire project again and it finally worked

I am glad you got it to work.

For future readers: the "you are running low on memory” pop up is only a warning and does not necessarily mean you have a failure. If a job fails, there will be a red “x” icon in the jobs panel. If that happens, right-click on the job and investigate the log to get more information about the failure.

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By the way… yes the export did fail.

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