Syncing start or end video/music/image time manually

Hello People

Im getting difficult to sync an image end to music end :frowning:

I want music sync finish with the image … Im trying to use the mouse but never get to same endpoint

How can add manually,numeric when it needs to end ?

I tried my best to explain my point … if you need more information I will try to make a video to make it clear I can !!

thanks in advance

I want to move not using mouse the fimdovideo.mp3 file to the right to sync end to the redessociaismelhor.jpg …

Most likely you don’t have a solid FPS for your Video Mode like 30.0000 or 60.0000.

I did not get your point…

  • Using the Player Controls position the playhead at the end of the PNG file.

  • Select the audio clip.

  • Make sure that “Toggle Snapping” (the magnet icon) is switched on.

  • Drag the Audio file to the right and it will snap to playhead at the end of the PNG track. But the only way I know to drag is by using the mouse.

As @Elusien said Snapping should be on.
This should also work.
After selecting the PNG image, I hit S to split.

good idea … thx

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