Symbol meanings and function

Hello everybody

What do the symbols I specify with numbers mean and what are their functions?

can you help me

Thanks in advance.


  1. Scrub while dragging
  2. Ripple
  3. Ripple all tracks
  4. Ripple markers

See here for explanations:

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It would be much better if it was a short video.


It’s fairly easy to test:

  • 2 tracks with a video on each.
  • Split both videos several times.
  • Then with Ripple Off, delete a clip,
  • Insert a clip.
  • Hit Ctrlz a couple of times to undo
  • Then with Ripple On, delete a clip, insert a clip -see the difference.

Do the same with Ripple On first with Ripple All Tracks On then Off.

I did what you said. but I didn’t notice anything.

@MusicalBox avait créé des petits GIF pour expliquer en image
(Il manque le Ripple Markers)

@MusicalBox had created small GIFs to explain in pictures
(Ripple Markers are missing)



Thank you so much. I understood the other. moves the markers.

Je l’avais oublié celui là
I forgot about that one :wink:

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