Support for Collaboration? (Probably won't happen, but it's a good idea!)

After a little bit of banging my head against a wall, staring off into the void, and crying in a corner a couple of times, I came up with this suggestion!

Collaboration between multiple people on a project (similar in concept to Google’s cloud-based office programs, with Shotcut account integration instead) could give Shotcut a competitive edge in the world of free video editing software.

(This isn’t a suggestion as much as it is a far fetched idea and I really don’t expect for it to be implemented in the slightest, but fingers crossed tho)

This could really help people in certain situations, such as school projects, trailers, teasers for products (there are some really cheap companies out there), and anything other reason for people to create a project in a group.

Multiple people could work on different parts of a project, and official collaboration integration would stop that complicated dance of deleting, repairing, and creating dozens of save files to work on a project with your friends or colleagues.

Anyway, what do you guys think?

(Feel free to ask about it or point out flaws or whatever, I’ll probably respond in a day or a few hours if you’re lucky)

Not cloud based, and probably not the way your vision of it working…

This is already possible as long as you keep all of your files in the same folder, with the project MLT file at the base. You can have folders above the mlt, just not below it. Otherwise knows as a Relative File Structure.

You just keep passing the folder around.