Suggestion: copy/paste size and position keyframes parameters feature

It was discussed recently in this thread:

… but if I may be so bold I thought I would post it as a formal suggestion.
My request is to have a facility for copying and then pasting the PARAMETERS of keyframes (especially useful for Size and Position), but it would be useful for others, eg. Mask.

My vision is having two buttons located near the parameters - one saying “copy parameters”, the other saying “paste parameters”.
You would set the size/position of a clip at the starting keyframe, then select “copy parameters”, then advance to the end keyframe and select “paste parameters”. Then you would be able to tweak maybe just one (or two) of the parameters to change the position (say) of the clip. Useful if you want to keep the size of the clip the same but just change its position.

Thanks for considering!! Jon

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