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A while ago, I used Aegisub to create an srt file with subtitles and timecode locations. After some messing around with Notepad ++ I managed to change the font and the font size. It worked great.

Unfortunately I cannot locate my notes on exactly how I did this - cannot get this to work. Can anyone outline the exact steps I need to take to do this? If I export a file from aegisub converter using UTF8 encoding and I click on Clean tags - it gives me a file that srt2mlt will convert to .mlt. When I load that file onto the timeline, there is a huge buzz in the audio. I’ve tried editing the text size in notepadd ++ but it doesn’t change it on the screen.test export clean tags - srt file.mlt (55.5 KB)

Appreciate any help I can get. Worked great last time…


Have you checked this out?

Morning…Ok, I’m not a programmer so I’m going to attempt to outline my problem: (I’m on windows 10 - was on shotcut 20.07.11 and just updated to the new version - same problem on both versions…)

I have a project “Wildrose” - I used Aegisub to create the subtitles, exported an SRT file. In the Aegisub file, I did not select any font or size. I then opened this in notepad++, found and replaced the font and fontsize, then saved as an xml file.
I was able to import the XML file into shotcut media bin, then add to a new video track. The subtitles played fine and I output the project as a main level mp4. Worked great.

My new project, “Bluegrass Lady” - I used the exact same procedure for these subtitles. When I add the xml file to the new video track, there is a horrible audio buzz. The subtitles do display correctly, but, all my audio tracks are playing out of sync even though they look ok on the timeline.

To experiment, I added the Wildrose xml file to the new project and that one works just fine.

Then a second test…I exported a Main Level
mp4 file from Bluegrass Lady without any subtitles. Then opened this file in a new project, added my new xml…and it works fine. It appears that there is something in this new xml file that is interfering with separate audio tracks.

I’ve attached both xml’s - maybe you can glean something from comparing the files…??

Greatly appreciate any help you can offer.


Yes…and the mlt file also caused the audio buzz and the tracks to be out of sync. Mind you the subtitles display correctly…

Just tried the srt to mlt converstion again…same result

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I can’t see why the subtitles should screw up the audio and the audio syncing. I’ve never used the SRT to MLT converter, so it might be worth messaging the lady who produced it to see if she can help. I’ve only ever added hardcoded subtitles using the (now obsolete) Text:HTML filter, which never gave me any problems.

Can you send me contact information for her?

Sorry, been away for a couple of days. Just send a private message to Kyle, @KKnBB (I just realised i HAD A SENIOR MOMENT - when I said “lady” I meant “guy”).

EDITED— I’ve just seen your main post that Dan gave you a tip about framerate in the XML clip and that it now works. Glad to see that you can now fiish the project.

Ah ha, I havn’t got the private message, but glad you guys got it working.

The srt->mlt converter generate the mlt file matches the Shotcut version to that time. It is not actively maintained. But if one day it failed to work with the latest Shotcut version I will update it once.

And the converter is not perfect (a big topic elsewhere) there is little text&video out-of-sync (somewhere about 1 second off / 100 lines subtitle displayed). Luckily users can correct it easily in Shotcut editor using insert/remove the blanks, so I don’t bother fix this technical headache.

Another method to create the perfect subtitle for lenthy movies is: create a long, empty, transparent video, using any video converter to “burn” the subtitle into that transparent video, then overlay the transparent video on top of the actual movie.

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