Strange Audio

Hi there, I have a strange issue.
While playing the audio in the time line, I get from the audio track a different audio. I don’t understand why. its a strange one.

Hi @Dilen
You don’t give much information about your project.
To start with, it would help if you at least showed a screen capture of your Shotcut window.
Make sure we see the entire timeline with all the tracks and clips. And make sure also that Show Audio Waveform is enabled.

So the problem is that the MP3 on track A1 plays a different song than the one it is supposed to be?

Hi Yes

If you didn’t already tried it, I suggest you delete the mp3 from your project (in the timeline and in the playlist), save your project and quit Shotcut.
Re-launch Shotcut, open the project, import the MP3 again and check if the problem persists.

Hi sorry for the delay, driving to work, ok I will try. something to know the audio change around the original one but still not playing the original one

See also Properties > Audio > Track based on a selected clip.

Thanks I will check it.

Hi sorry I can’t find the path you guid me to.
sorry for the deleted post here it come.

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